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The FIDO certification ensures that the technology meets its exacting standards for the dual-factor authentication experience.

NebulaACCESS, dynamic adaptive multi-factor authentication technology developed by Víntegris Tech has obtained FIDO (Fast Identity Online) certification, which guarantees its interoperability with products and services that complies with FIDO specifications.

The FIDO certification guarantees that nebulaACCESS technology meets the exacting standards of the dual-factor authentication experience defined by the FIDO Alliance, which provides the user with a secure and convenient authentication practice in applications such as Google Gmail, Google Apps, Azure Active Directory, Office 365 Exchange Online, Salesforce, Citrix, GitHub, Dropbox, Concur, etc., reducing dependency on passwords.

The FIDO certification allows Vintegris Tech to access the international authentication market on a large scale and establish alliances with global manufacturers for the marketing of nebulaACCESS. In this vein, Víntegris Tech signed in June an agreement with the Chinese manufacturer of authentication devices Feitian Technologies Co Ltd. to jointly market their technologies.

The dual-factor authentication experience defined by FIDO is supported by the universal second factor (U2F) protocol. This experience enables online services to increase the security of their password infrastructure by incorporating a second strong user login factor. Thus, the user logs in with a username and password as before, but the service can also request the user at any time to present a second factor device (a smartphone or a token, for example), allowing the service to simplify your passwords without compromising the security.

During registration and authentication, the user presents the second factor with the push of a button on a USB device or by the use of an NFC enabled mobile devices.