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” The company Víntegris Tech expects to close the year with 5.5 million in sales and reach 7 million in 2017 thanks to expansion in foreign markets”

“40% of the business comes from selling their technology, a growing division”

They began in 2004 offering computer security services with four workers and a one customer, and twelve years later they invoice more than 5 million euros, have a staff of 60 workers and more than a hundred clients, including the client who trusted them in the beginning. The company Víntegris Tech, with headquarters in the “Ciutat de la Justícia de Barcelona i l’Hospitalet de Llobregat”, expects to close the year with sales of 5.5 million euros, compared to the turnover of 4.2 million that closed the year 2015. “We will endevor to reach 7 million in 2017,” explains Facundo Rojo, founder and CEO of Víntegris Tech and who was director of the Data Processing Center of the Barcelona Olympic Games 92. “Part of the estimated growth will come if the international plans for growth are confirmed”, explains Facundo Rojo.

The company is a manufacturer of information security solutions and offers integral services to companies and municipalities, among which there are corporations such as Generali, Catalana Occidente, Bankia and kutxanet, and consistories such as Vic and Manlleu, among others. However, the willingness of the company is to prepare the international leap and expect to reach the European market in Latin America and China in the coming years, where contact is already initiated. “We are investing heavily in exhibiting at trade fairs in London, Mexico, Vienna or Shanghai because the will is to expand internationally” Rojo explains. Currently, Víntegris Tech carries out its business exclusively in Spain.

Alliances with other groups

The company does not refuse to collaborate with other companies “to take advantage of synergies with large integrators” says Rojo, and also develops agreements that allow it to grow. In addition, it is open to alliances of diverse nature. In this regard, Víntegris Tech signed in spring an agreement with the Chinese hardware and chip manufacturer Feitian Technologies Co. Ltd. to jointly market their technologies in markets where they are already established.

Of the turnover, 60% comes from the sale of professional services to companies and the remaining 40% of product sales, a proportion that is to be reversed in the coming year and in this sense, this year they have developed a global solution called NebulaSuite that integrates a pioneering solution of centralized management of digital certificates, an adaptive multi-factor authentication system (allows double factor checks from a dozen systems, such as an SMS, Email, numeric coordinates, app, QR code or proximity card, among others) and an app that allows you to sign a certificate from your smartphone or tablet. Currently, about fifty customers have this technology.

The new European legislation – Data Protection Regulation of the European Union, which will come into force in May 2018, will require companies to be obliged to manage customer and worker data carefully and breach of the rule could lead to economic sanctions that could reach 4% of their annual income, which will benefit companies like Víntegris Tech to extend its products and expand the client base.

More protective mentality

Facundo Rojo explains that six or seven years ago the companies put little thought towards the safety of their equipment and their information. “Fortunately, this has changed, in part due to more awareness in this regard and partly because there is stricter legislation”.

Eva García Pagán. El punt Avui