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Javier Bustillo explains in Cinco Días the Víntegris teleworking model

Candidates, increasingly demanding to accept a position

The main demand continues to be the salary, but recently flexibility and teleworking have gained strength

Excerpt of the article published in Fortuna, Cinco Días by Manme Guerra on April 30, 2023.

To take the pulse of the satisfaction of his 80 employees, Javier Bustillo, general director of Víntegris, decided to ask in 2021 about his desire to continue or not with the remote work model that began due to the pandemic. The response was unanimous, everyone wanted to retain the flexibility of being able to work from home. Most of the workers at these systems and applications firms for the management of certificates and digital signatures are developer engineers who can perform their duties from anywhere in Spain. “This flexibility allowed us to have an interesting geographical mix and, furthermore, since they are paid the same regardless of their location, it is useful for retaining talent, since there are those who live in cities with a lower cost of living,” explains Bustillo. They also have the option for employees to work for a few months from “a second residence, which is used more by those who live in Madrid and Barcelona”, cities, along with Bilbao, where the company has headquarters.

Although Bustillo acknowledges that flexibility is essential to retain talent, he believes it is not the only benefit companies should offer so that the worker does not change. “In our case, the differentiating element is training. We have many engineers in the first decade of their professional career, and from the moment they enter, we offer them a career plan and up to 3,000 euros so that they can continue training ”, he explains.

The data in the Sodexo report points in the same direction as Bustillo’s words. 81% of the companies surveyed state that they rely on training programs to retain talent, and 53% favor training their employees rather than making a new hire. Among those that offer training, 83% have plans or plans to offer them for reskilling for the development of their workers. And the priority is training in digital skills.

Read the original Spanish article written by Manme Guerra, in Fortuna Cinco Días.

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