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The 5 benefits that employees require to accept a job

73% of Spanish companies have had difficulties finding workers in the last year due to the demands of potential workers.

Report by María Fortuño, published on Antena 3 news on May 13th, 2023.

We’ve been talking about jobs for a while now. There are around 20,000 lorry drivers position opens, 2,000 mechanics and a long etcetera. However, recruiters are finding it increasingly difficult to fill some positions. Candidates are becoming more demanding and no longer accept a position without certain conditions.

Added to this is the fact that many employees cannot imagine working in the same company all their lives. “What used to be normal is now stagnating“, says a young worker.

Top 5 benefits, according to employees

According to the latest study in Sodexo Human Resources Trends, what candidates value most when choosing a job, in the first place, is health insurance (46.2%). Followed by flexible hours (41.8%), food cards (39.8%), pension plan contributions, and remote working (both with 34.6%).

1 out of 3 employees feel underappreciated

Currently, 53% of Spaniards are open to changing companies, and this figure is much more pronounced among young people. That is why, given this lack of motivation, companies are already beginning to bet on certain employee criteria and benefits. According to the data from the Sodexo report, 81% of the companies surveyed state that they rely on training programs to retain their workers.


An example of this is Víntegris, a company run by Javier Bustillo: “Nursery tickets, social security, life insurance, teleworking, and continuous training is what we offer, among other things.” Some benefits that make his more than 80 employees bet on staying in his company.

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