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Víntegris renews its ISO 9001 Certification

Following its policy of providing the best services to our clients and improving the attention we provide to them every day, Víntegris just renewed its ISO 9001 certification for our Quality Management System.


This renewal of our ISO 9001:2015 certification is added to our certifications in Information Security and Privacy with the certifications in the National Security Scheme in the HIGH category, ISO 27001:2022, ISO 27017 relating to security controls for cloud services, ISO 27018 for the protection of personal data in the cloud and ISO 27701, which guarantee the security and privacy of the information we process when providing our services to clients.

Information Security and Privacy, and quality management certifications, such as those mentioned above, offer significant benefits for the organisations that obtain them and their clients. Below, we will see some of those benefits:

  • Recognition and Credibility: Obtaining internationally recognised certifications, such as the aforementioned ISO or specific certifications, such as the National Security Scheme (ENS), increases the organisation’s credibility among clients, partners, and interested parties. It also demonstrates a serious commitment to security, privacy, and quality.
  • Legal and Regulatory Compliance: Certifications help ensure compliance with relevant regulations and laws regarding security, privacy and quality, nationally and internationally.
  • Effective Risk Management: These certifications promote the implementation of a robust risk management system. Identifying, evaluating, and managing risks is essential to protecting information and maintaining the quality of products and services.
  • Continuous Improvement: ISO certifications, in particular, are designed to promote continuous improvement. Certified organisations must regularly review their processes and systems, which leads to constant improvement in security, privacy, and quality.
  • Customer Trust: Increases customer trust in certified organisations by giving them confidence in the company’s ability to handle their data securely and deliver quality products and services.
  • Risk Reduction: Properly implementing security and quality measures can help reduce the risk of costly incidents, such as data breaches, regulatory fines, and customer loss.
  • Protection of Personal Data: Specific certifications, such as ISO 27018, guarantee that the organisation meets rigorous standards for protecting personal data, which is essential in the era of digital privacy.

Ultimately, security, privacy, and quality certifications not only provide tangible benefits to companies, such as data protection and operational improvement, but also strengthen an organisation’s competitive position and reputation in an increasingly demanding and regulated business environment.

At Víntegris, we are committed to Quality, Security, and Privacy in all our services and to continuous improvement in the care we provide to our clients.

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