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From left to right: Greg Simons (ICEX Spain Exports and Investments), Facundo Rojo (CEO&Owner), Francisco Javier Muñoz Ortiz (ICEX Spain Exports and Investments), Carolina Puig (Director of Marketplaces), Javier Natividad(Sales Director).


The good reception of nebulaSUITE at RSA Conference 2017 denotes a growing interest in the IoE

We are back from RSA Conference 2017. This international event was the perfect opportunity to present our company and launch our product, nebulaSUITE, a comprehensive solution in the cloud to meet the demands of the Internet of Everything.

The good reception of nebulaSUITE at RSA Conference 2017 is the best indication of the interest that the IoE arises nowadays. It is also a sign of a growing public awareness regarding the importance of protecting digital identities. Companies and IoE projects such as smart cities and interconnected vehicles depend on them to achieve trustworthy connections between devices and people, and exchange sensitive information and data.

nebulaSUITE provides identification of physical devices through digital certificates and secure connections with encrypted communications. Companies can issue and manage these digital certificates themselves thanks to the Certification Authority (CA) it has.

Being a comprehensive solution, it provides not only the capabilities to meet specific challenges such as digital identity authentication, but also features that the customer will need in the future. It allows workflows for the approval of documents, transactions, and processes by one or multiple signatories, and compliance with eiDAS Regulation, facilitating transactions and business with the EU.

And besides, it ensures authentication and control of users when accessing an organization’s assets.

There’s more to RSA USA than just a conference!

Besides, apart from presenting nebulaSUITE, we had many meetings and participated in some networking sessions.

We met with members of FIDO Alliance (Fast Identity Online) at their stand. It’s important to highlight that nebulaSUITE’s features obtained a FIDO Certification in December 2016, which means our authentication technology meets FIDO standards for the second-factor authentication experience as defined by FIDO Alliance.

Besides, we met with our partners, Chinese manufacturers Feitian Technologies, with whom we signed a bilateral agreement in 2016 to jointly market our technologies.

We also clarified some questions about the IoE and eiDAS Regulation posed by the attendees that visited our stand —a big and sincere thank you to all of them. We would also like to show our gratitude to ICEX for this opportunity. Without their support, this conference wouldn’t have been as great.