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Euronovate acquires 100% of Víntegris

The Swiss company Euronovate S.A. becomes the 100% share owner of Víntegris, a Spanish technology company founded in 2004 by Facundo Rojo. Víntegris specializes in consultancy, manufacturing and integration of information security solutions and is also a qualified provider of trustworthy electronic services under Regulation (EU) No. 910/2014 on electronic identification and trust services (eIDAS). Víntegris has a staff of 70 employees.

Founded in 2012, Euronovate is one of the European leaders in digital transaction and digital identification management. The company is headquartered in Maroggia (Switzerland) and has subsidiaries in Italy and Romania. Its main clients are large corporations in the financial, health and distribution sectors.

For Alberto Guidotti, President and CEO of Euronovate “this operation fit’s perfectly into Euronovate’s international growth roadmap, which seeks to create a European leader in digital transaction solutions. We are delighted to be able to join forces with Víntegris, and we have already started working together on new projects to achieve ambitious objectives. I am sure that this combination will bring even more value to current and future customers of Euronovate and Víntegris”.

The purchase of Víntegris will allow Euronovate to integrate the technology developed by Víntegris into its electronic signature solutions. A proprietary technology that enables companies to use legally binding digital signatures to comply with the eIDAS Regulation; also issue and manage qualified digital identities and, finally, have a complete, robust authentication tool.

Solutions that 50% of the leading Spanish banking and insurance companies enjoy in Spain, as well as leading companies from other sectors such as the public, tourism, food and distribution, among others.

Greater international presence

Víntegris, for its part, will adopt the electronic signature solution of Euronovate, integrating into their solutions the Euronovate’s biometric signature and its digital identification method.

Thus both companies will unify its product portfolio into a single platform for managing digital transactions, which will increase the marketing of VÍNTEGRIS solutions across Europe.

For Facundo Rojo, founder of Víntegris, “Euronovate is the perfect partner for Víntegris. I am sure that as a result of the operation, more value will be given to Víntegris customers and opportunities for Víntegris employees”.

The operation, which took place today, June 5, includes a substantial investment to reinforce R & D in Víntegris to improve the digital transaction management platform and increase its presence in the market since Euronovate aspires to gain a significant share of the European certificate and digital signature business.

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