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Digital signatures for business have long been a reality in the era of digital transformation, this is a time where immediacy, agility and effectiveness determine the success of any business activity.

However, the Coronavirus crisis has highlighted the need to be able to promote remote work and the digitization of processes in companies, to ensure the continuity of their activity. Digitization has been positioned as the great ally for business survival, and among all the tools, digital signatures for businesses, facilitate the signing of documents without displacements that avoid unnecessary contacts and maintain their legal value. In this context, digital signatures for business have gone from being a commitment to digital innovation to being a necessity.

Digital signatures for business, a necessity in a new accelerated digital context

Economic crisis, digitization, covid19, climate change… The emergence of a new economic and social environment has determined the need to transform corporate processes to make them faster and more agile. And digitization responds to this need.

Digital signatures for business have been a great boost in innovation and digital transformation of business organizations, optimizing economic costs and meeting the needs related to security and trust. Digital signature solutions for business are catching up to this paradigm shift. Not all are the same in terms of use, functionalities or in compliance with the different legal requirements.

nebulaSIGN, Legally-Compliant Digital signatures for business

nebulaSIGN allows organizations to save time and energy in document management, offering the opportunity to streamline and automate processes thanks to workflows for document approval. nebulaSIGN offers different digital signature options to sign documents and approve secured transactions:

  • By digital certificate for the organization.
  • By digital certificate or handwritten signature with biometric control for employees or clients.
  • No need of installing certificates on the device.
  • Signature consent with Password.
  • Multiple signatures by OTP.
  • Block signing.
  • Signing option for external users.
  • Handwritten signatures.
  • Handwritten electronic signatures (digitized signature) integrated into PDF documents.
  • Digital signatures through the user’s digital certificates stored centrally in the nebulaCERT system.
  • Automatic signature in PDF files.
  • Visible signature of the external agent.

What are the benefits of using nebulaSIGN compared to other solutions on the market?

Beyond enabling the use of the digital signature technology itself, the solution has been designed to fulfill the following mission: speed up the corporate processes of your organization while ensuring full legal compliance with current regulations.

nebulaSIGN accelerates the corporate processes of your organization:

  • Enabler for the digital transformation of your business
  • Time saving in document management.
  • Signing of documents by users, both employees and third parties.
  • Reduction of business costs (paperwork, storage, printing, transport and destruction of documents)
  • Favoring environmental sustainability thanks to paperless management.

nebulaSIGN complies with the regulations in force in the EU:

  • eIDAS: guarantees the recognition of the means of electronic identification of natural and legal persons within the EU.
  • AML5 (Anti Money Laundry): to prevent financial cybercrime by verifying the client’s onboarding process.
  • PSD2 (Payment Services Directive 2): to align payment regulation with the state of the market and technology.
  • SEPBLAC & BaFin: referred to the Financial Intelligence Unit of Spain for the prevention of money laundering and financing of terrorism and to one of the largest financial supervisory authorities in Europe.
  • GDPR: regulates the data protection and privacy of the subjects.

nebulaSIGN, as an enabler of the digital transformation of your organization

nebulaSIGN, is part of nebulaSUITE is the only ALL-in-ONE Digital Identity solution on the market that provides organizations with the complete infrastructure to manage Digital Certificates (issuance and administration) and Qualified Digital Signatures through cloud-based services, all protected by strong authentication. Designed for desktop and mobile devices, it includes:

  • A PKI platform and a Certification Authority (vinCAsign)
  • A solution to manage Digital Certificates (nebulaCERT)
  • A SaaS platform for Certificate Inventories (nebulaDISCOVER)
  • A Centralized Management System for Administrative Telematic Notifications (nebulaSNE). Available only in Spain.
  • A Digital Signature solution (nebulaSIGN)
  • A solution to Manage Access to the Systems of your Organization (nebulaACCESS).

The digitization of businesses through the digital signature allows the initiation of any documentation electronically, in real time and with absolute legal validity, thanks to the certificate of legal evidence generated by each operation. The electronic signature is accepted by law as a binding contract that ensures non-repudiation. This means that a user cannot deny having made the transaction. A must for business in 2021.

If you are interested in knowing more about digital signature solutions for business, request a demo or if you have any questions, we encourage you to contact us. We will be delighted to help you. Finally, if you are on social networks, connect with us to be aware of our news and learn more about digital signatures and digital certificates. We are on Twitter and LinkedIn. Follow us!