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The unstoppable advance of the digital signature has revolutionized sectors as diverse as financial, real estate and commercial. The legal sector, although traditionally dependent on paper, and not wanting fall behind, has gradually adapted to new technologies (known as legaltech) incorporating the fashionable ‘digital transformation’ that allows it to achieve higher efficiency in its daily tasks.

Within these “Legaltech” technologies, the digital signature takes on special relevance.

The use of the digital signature allows legal organizations to save costs and devote more time, attention to their clients. Thanks to this technology, it is possible to close contracts with greater agility, from both a mobile or tablet, without customers having to depend on a set time.

So far, the workflow for the departments of legal experts was tedious. It was necessary to print the documents, sign them by hand, scan them, send them by email or fax to the client and wait to receive them with their signature, and then proceed to file them, after having copied them several times. The result was a remarkable paper costs, time and space in the office, and a workflow that was dulled waiting to receive the document signed and validated by all the parties.

Nowadays, this is nonsense. Law professionals, who charge by the hour, cannot afford to spend any longer than necessary on paperwork. Also, their clients demand more flexibility, without this affecting the confidentiality of the information contained in their documents.

For this reason, more and more legal departments and legal professionals such as lawyers, magistrates or notaries, will resort to the digital signature.

The 7 benefits of the digital signature

We want to take advantage of these lines to highlight the main benefits that a digital signature provides to organizations and legal departments:

  1. Legal validity: in the European Union, eIDAS regulates its use, establishing three levels of the digital signature, the highest of which is the qualified digital signature.
  2. Security: the digital signature is more than a scribble on the screen of a device. Being based on digital certificates, it offers a higher level of security than the paper contract, thanks to the asymmetric encryption it uses. This allows verifying the digital identity of each signer and maintaining the chain of custody.
  3. Evidence: digital signatures help identify and authenticate signatories, and collect data that can later serve as evidence. They also allow obtaining an audit trail if necessary.
  4. More agile workflow: multiple signatures can be obtained in less time, streamlining administrative and legal processes.
  5. Cost savings and environmental sustainability: by reducing the amount of paper printed, copied, stamped, filed and, in some cases, destroyed.
  6. Better time management: By spending less time on document management, industry professionals can devote themselves to more priority tasks, and help their clients fully.
  7. Access from anywhere and at any time: either outside the office or from home, the digital signature brings the advantage of being able to be used where necessary.

An all-in-one digital identity solution for the legal sector

nebulaSUITE by vintegrisTECH is an ‘all in one’ solution that helps legal professionals to manage the complete cycle of digital identity, guaranteeing compliance with various international regulations.

Not only offers a solution qualified digital signatures legally binding, but also the possibility to issue, manage, monitor and make inventories of digital certificates; obtain robust authentication and manage administrative telematics notifications.

This suite allows:

  • Comply with regulations such as eIDAS in the EU, ESIGN Act, and UETA in the United States
  • Greater convenience and time-saving by signing using “Bulk Sign”, which allows signing hundreds of documents automatically
  • A reinforcement of the trust with the clients, since it guarantees the confidentiality of its documents thanks to its encryption technology
  • Obtain attribution from the digital signature as legal evidence through the audit trail, before the accusation of fraud or objection
  • More straightforward and agiler legal procedures, thanks to their workflows
  • The complete management of the digital identity cycle, including the issuance and administration of digital certificates
  • Global access to these services from the cloud, to perform procedures from anywhere and without having to depend on specific schedules

Request your demo now

If you want to learn more about the benefits that the qualified digital signature of nebulaSUITE can bring to your organization, ask for your demo and check it out for yourself.

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