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Digital signature as a key element of the digitization of the hospitality industry

The unstoppable advance of the digital signature has revolutionized the hospitality industry, although traditionally dependent on paper, and not wanting fall behind, has gradually adapted to new technologies incorporating digital innovation related to digital signature allows you to achieve greater efficiency in your daily tasks.

The use of the digital signature allows hospitality organizations to save costs and devote more time, attention to their guests. Thanks to this technology, it is possible to close bookings with greater agility, consolidate operations with suppliers, from both a mobile or tablet, without the agents involved having to depend on a set time.

And in this scenario, the use of digital signatures integrated within the company’s solutions and with legal guarantees is a key tool to boost business. Digital signatures are the most efficient solution to the traditional operational problems of hospitality companies, since they allow:

  • Reduce wait times, approval and personnel costs.
  • Close transactions at any time and from any device.
  • Protect documents against potential vulnerabilities and eliminate physical file space.
  • Reduce the risk of human errors, such as duplication or alteration of the document itself.
  • Improve user experience.
  • Reduce the environmental impact and costs of printing, shipping, scanning and managing multiple copies of paper documents.

nebulaSIGN, as an enabler of the digital transformation of your hospitality organization

nebulaSIGN, is part of nebulaSUITE is the only ALL-in-ONE Digital Identity solution on the market that provides organizations with the complete infrastructure to manage Digital Certificates (issuance and administration) and Qualified Digital Signatures through cloud-based services, all protected by strong authentication. Designed for desktop and mobile devices, it includes:

  • A PKI platform and a Certification Authority (vinCAsign).
  • A solution to manage Digital Certificates (nebulaCERT).
  • A SaaS platform for Certificate Inventories (nebulaDISCOVER).
  • A Centralized Management System for Administrative Telematic Notifications (nebulaSNE). Available only in Spain.
  • A Digital Signature solution (nebulaSIGN).
  • A solution to Manage Access to the Systems of your Organization (nebulaACCESS).

The digitization of businesses through the digital signature allows the initiation One of the great challenges facing the tourism sector to reactivate the activity in 2021 is the paradigm of digitization: introducing automated tasks to replace activities that were previously manual to avoid contact between people and that the vacation period can be resuming safely has become a key point on the tourism industry’s agenda and the digital signature can be the lever of change that drives this transformation.


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