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Digital Finance Solutions for the CFO

A new digital CFO

Often considered the most traditional role in a company, the Chief Financial Officer (CFO) role now faces changing requirements and expectations from external and internal stakeholders created by digitalisation. There are new opportunities, different ways of working, and unique business challenges. And in this changing environment, the current CFO role is to drive digital transformation and actively contribute to an organisation’s change, but they must have the right tools to do so.

The emergence of new digital tools has allowed companies to be much more efficient today than a few decades ago. But this innovation has also caused changes in professional profiles, with the CFO being one of the most affected.

CFOs and finance departments face a double challenge. On the one hand, they have to manage and control the financing of the digital transformation of the digital company in general. At the same time, they have to ensure that their function is equipped with the tools, technologies and talent for a successful transformation. All this with safeguarding the profitability of the business and ensuring that your investments are beneficial. However, both finance and digital transformation are comprehensive concepts; let’s see some examples of how the correct technology in the hands of a CFO can make a difference in the financial processes of a company:

Digital Certificates

For any CFO and his/her department, telematics processing has become essential for developing their daily activity, starting with verifying the different profiles to information as critical as budgets, expense forecasts, invoices, balances, etc. The uses of digital certificates in any banking operation, tax management or any other procedure with the public administration have made it possible that during this Covid-19 pandemic, companies have seen their uninterrupted activity.

Digital Signature

Implementing the digital signature aims to provide the digital CFO and his team with the possibility of dedicating more time to other types of activities with greater added value, such as developing strategic plans, ultimately generating efficiency in the management of the department. Streamlining and traceable signing of documents are essential in the new digital finances. These new flows create a faster, profitable, and more secure digital experience with less risk when verifying compliance with regulation, while operating with any company or institution without having to travel or wait tedious bureaucratic timings.

Administrative Telematic Notifications

Some notifications sent by public administrations refer to legal procedures that must be carried out within specific dates; Failure to comply with the deadlines can have unintended consequences, be it the security of the treasury, government or any other institution. Tax matters are the responsibility of the digital CFO, and his department since the sanctions directly affect the business results. A digital notification management solution frees companies from the need to dedicate resources to pursue digital notifications from the administration and provides peace of mind regarding potential penalties achieving two objectives: 

  • Frees up time for the financial department employees 
  • Ensure that they will incur a liability for malpractice in digital communications management by any public administration.

But … Is there a way to quickly and efficiently combine all these technologies so that the CFO obtains a quick return on investment without incurring long integrations and multiple providers?

The answer is nebulaSUITE, the ALL-IN-ONE Digital Identity Solution for the CFO and his team.


nebulaSUITE is the only solution on the market that provides CFOs and the finance department with the complete infrastructure of digital certificates (issuance and management) and qualified digital signatures through cloud-based services, all protected by strong authentication. This all-in-one solution is capable of optimizing productivity and generating savings. It also reduces the costs associated with printing, transporting, storing and destroying paper documents:

If you are interested in knowing more about digital solutions for CFOs, request a demo, or have any questions, we encourage you to contact us. We will be delighted to help you. Finally, if you are on social networks, connect with us to be aware of our news and learn more about digital signatures and digital certificates. We are on Twitter and LinkedIn. Follow us!