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Original publication Dealer World, 7th of July 2023

Interview by Víctor Fernández Correas

The channel has changed. Nobody doubts it. But it has done so as the market evolves along with customers. In this situation, its evolution is essential. Alexis de Pablos, director of Partners and Alliances at Víntegris, tells us about the challenges ahead.

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Alexis de Pablos agrees that the channel has changed. That makes it the main challenge to align with customers’ needs today. “You have to talk about technological evolution, innovation, and digital transformation, but without losing sight of a trend as current as everything related to the environmental part.”

Consequently, alignment with customer patterns. “In our case, as an example, the adaptation goes through all the current regulations. Hence, we consider essential to support our partners in this regard. Without forgetting the great competition in the channel, something transferred to the demand level that customers show towards the same channel. So it is a trend we must consider in the coming months.

Ahead, a new Channel's model

Hence, adapting to this new model is vital if the partner wants to continue competing in the market. “Let’s consider that the number of manufacturers and solutions is increasing. Many technologies are increasingly new, and some companies have difficulty knowing which might interest them and which are not. In that sense, the channel is a flexible and agile figure capable of bringing all those technologies closer to its customers. But, for this, it is essential to have great knowledge of these technologies, which entails the consequent specialization of the partner”.

The role of Training and Certifications

“Both are essential,” admits Alexis de Pablos. “What’s more, within our channel strategy, one of its pillars is training understood beyond a manufacturer’s accreditation, but rather that it is understood as true knowledge of the tool, how to apply it to obtain the best results, and in what way it affects the client’s model so that they can get the best results.”

That is why he considers that “this is a guarantee for our clients. When they rely on the channel, they know that they will have the support of specialized knowledge, in addition to having the endorsement of the manufacturer itself”.

A Channel that, in the case of Víntegris, has increased its desire to specialize in the solutions of this manufacturer of innovative systems and applications for managing digital certificates, legally binding digital signatures, and robust authentication.

“We work with all kinds of partners specialized in technology, in the knowledge of a business vertical, etc. The channel demands more and more knowledge and how to obtain the best possible support from the manufacturer to provide their technology to the end customer. This is a guarantee, undoubtedly”.

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