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Absent-mindedness resistant Electronic signature in the Spanish Congress?

The pandemic has accelerated the digitization of our society, in particular of the Public Administration. Some of the most important bureaucratic procedures had to be carried out electronically. That is why the Víntegris electronic signature has emerged as one of the most significant technologies today, as it verifies the authenticity of the person carrying out the operation.

Víntegris guarantees the legal probative validity of Digital Identities and Processes through the use of Electronic Authentication and Signature Certificates by organizations and their clients, guaranteeing security and usability at all times.

Víntegris has been offering technological cybersecurity solutions to third parties since 2014. In order to offer the best service with all the guarantees, Víntegris is subject to specific elDAS compliance audits, demonstrating a high level of development and compliance. Moreover, security is one of the keys to digitization, not only at a business level but also in the Public Administration. Bureaucratic processes are complex, sometimes very uncomfortable, and a good service that integrates different technological security solutions is the basis for accompanying the transformation that a hyperconnected society demands.

Congreso de deputados, Madrid

Víntegris guarantees the electronic signature of their honors

In this sense, and since 2019, Víntegris has been part of the Euronovate Group, a leader in developing solutions for managing digital transformation. The set of different elements, such as Euronovate’s technology and the experience of Víntegris as QTSP (which in Spanish could be translated as ‘Qualified Trust Service Provider’), fully cover all the processes necessary for the protection of digital identity.

This May, Víntegris has been awarded the public tender published by the Congress of Deputies to choose a solution that guarantees maximum security for the signatures of all the members of the Chamber, in any of the different consultations that are periodically carried out .

Without doubts, the incorporation of Víntegris as electronic signature software in the Congress of Deputies is one of the maximum guarantees of the efficiency of its service. The company will offer probative legal value, traceability and maximum security to the signatures of their lordships in the Cámara Baja.

Víntegris Solutions: at the service of the Public Administration

nebulaSUITE is the name given to the all-in-one digital identity SaaS solutions platform. This set of tools provides organizations with the infrastructure to manage certificates and qualified digital signatures through the cloud.

Regarding access to these solutions by members of Congress, it can be done from any device, with access and permissions based on group membership and protected by strong multifactor authentication.

Electronic Signature

Víntegris’s solution guarantees to remove any doubt about the authenticity of a deputy’s signature. It provides each of them with a qualified electronic signature, which links the signatory’s identity to its signature through a personal and qualified certificate issued by a Qualified Trust Service Provider such as Víntegris. This ensures that it is not only valid in the EU country in which it was issued but is also recognized as valid and legally binding in any other member state.

Víntegris solutions have recently been recognized and awarded by Actualidad Económica with the “100 best ideas of the year” award in the category of Digital Transformation and the “ICT Security” award from Red Seguridad for “the most innovative security service”.

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