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So you have decided that it is time to switch to digital signature because of the many advantages it offers, congratulations!! We are confident that your organization will benefit from this technology, which is increasingly used throughout the world.

However, do you know how to get more out of it, beyond contracts and agreements? Here we give you five keys to do so:

1. Improving the signature experience in different departments of the company

There are many departments in an organization that require the use of the firm (Human Resources, Legal, Sales or Administration, among others). If done on paper, the signatories have to be present to validate the documents. Besides, it is necessary to print, copy, store and, if necessary, even destroy the contracts, invoices, payroll, budgets or informed consent generated over the years.

With the adoption of a digital signature solution, these procedures become more comfortable and satisfactory for users, reducing the risk of errors and document losses and guaranteeing their legal validity.

Despite the fact that the change from handwritten to digital signature can generate some vertigo, it is clear that the second will end up being imposed in a world increasingly globalized and dependent on new technologies.

2. Apply digital signature to emails for a higher level of security

The digital signature is an essential security element, and yet there are still many organizations that do not use them to protect something as basic as emails.

One of the biggest threats facing users and companies alike is the dreaded phishing. The most alarming thing is that, as the Bitglass IT Security Company predicts, these types of attacks will become more sophisticated in 2018.

Fortunately, security measures will also have to become stricter than a simple password and will include, among other things, multi-factor authentication.

The inclusion of digital signature in emails will be essential to prevent possible theft of data and credentials through phishing attacks. We must clarify that we do not refer to the set of personal data that appear at the bottom of the emails (of course, very easy to replicate), but to the solution based on qualified digital certificates to validate the identity of the issuer. By including certificate and public key, the digital signature helps prevent fraud and identity theft, threats that can seriously harm a company.

Therefore, if you already have a digital signature solution, it is time to start applying it to your communications.

3. Take advantage of signature workflows to close deals faster

Something seemingly as easy as signing a document by multiple signatories can become a nightmare.

If your digital signature solution includes a workflow option, it is possible to turn that nightmare into a dream come true: close deals faster and speed up all types of paperwork, regardless of the geographical location of the signatories.

Workflows help establish hierarchical signature flows. They allow different dynamizing processes (administrative, commercial, legal, etc.), avoiding the dreaded bottleneck effect, which can be a burden on the productivity of the organization. Thus, the procedures are shortened and become agiler.

So, what are you waiting for to see the effects on productivity workflows a digital signature can have?

4. Use the bulk signing and save time

Many times, organizations must sign large volumes of documents (hundreds, or even thousands). Of course, it is impossible for the signatory to devote time to each issue, so it is necessary to find a way to automate this process.

The mass or batch signature is a feature of many digital signature solutions, which helps organizations save costs and above all, time, to be able to dedicate it to other tasks.

Have you already had occasion to try this option?

5. Sign electronic invoices with legal recognition

The electronic invoice is already a reality, especially when making payments to companies. It is possible that the time comes when you stop using paper entirely to issue them, and we will sign them from our tablet or computer. The reasons for the change are multiple: greater ease for auditing processes, a higher level of security for documents, protection against the possibility of fraud, less possibility of making mistakes, and so forth. This type of invoices requires a digital signature that guarantees the identity of the signatory thanks to the digital certificates on which they are based.

If you have a digital signature solution, the time to switch to electronic invoices has undoubtedly arrived.

Benefits of using the digital signature of nebulaSUITE

nebulaSUITE by vintegrisTECH is an all-in-one solution for digital identity that includes, among others, the possibility of using a legally recognized digital signature based on qualified digital certificates.

Among the features of the digital signature of nebulaSUITE is the option of using workflows and the possibility of issuing a batch signature, for users and organizations. Besides, by allowing the issuance of qualified digital certificates through its CA, vinCAsign, nebulaSUITE guarantees compliance with regulations such as eIDAS for the user’s convenience, whose digital signature can be recognized in any country of the European Union.

Do you need more info?

If you want to know more about the advantages offered by the digital signature of nebulaSUITE, or request a demo to check it for yourself, you can contact us. We will be happy to assist you and solve all your doubts.