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We are about to enter 2019. Moreover, although we do not consider ourselves nostalgic, we want to take this moment to look back and take stock of the past year.

We can say that 2018 has been one of the most varied and exciting years we have had. Our blog is proof of this; so we wanted to make this final post of the year a summary, to gather the essential information and make a top 5 most read articles of the past 12 months.

The launch of two new solutions: nebulaSNE and nebulaDISCOVER

First, we launched two new solutions: nebulaSNE (to manage administrative telematic notifications) and nebulaDISCOVER (to discover, audit and monitor personal and service digital certificates). nebulaSUITE now provides more functionalities regarding the use of digital certificates than before, to help organisations in the management of their life cycle and compliance with public administrations.

A year full of national and international events

Regarding fairs and events, once again we have attended the leading cybersecurity fairs to present nebulaSUITE: MWC Barcelona, RSA (San Francisco) and Infosecurity Europe (London).

We also participate in events such as IdentiSIC 4th Edition, “Integration of IaM-CIaM at the heart of the digital business”, and the “Digital Signature and Legal Security” conference, led by the Association of Water Supply and Sanitation of Andalusia (ASA Andalucía), together with one of our technological partner IECISA (Informática El Corte Inglés).

We also had the opportunity to co-sponsor the VII ISACA Barcelona Congress, which brought together more than 190 attendees and some of the most prominent experts in disruptive technologies and privacy.

However, without a doubt, the highlight was our nebulaSUITE Summit 2018, in which we had the participation of Astrea La Infopista Jurídica and Microsoft España. There was the talk of legal compliance and the security provided by Azure, and the different benefits of nebulaSUITE for organisations were laid out.

Top 5 blog posts most read in 2018

As we mentioned at the beginning of this post, in 2018, we have been very active in our blog, to announce our participation in fairs and events and to share articles about digital identity and signature, eIDAS and legaltech technology, among many.

The 5 most read posts in 2018 have been:

  1. “Times are changing: a digital signature for banks and financial institutions”. why this technology is gaining ground and becoming one of the preferred by financial institutions and customers.
  2. “Everything you need to know about qualified digital certificates”. Many people know of digital signatures, but few know what a digital certificate is and what it has to do with this technology. Here we explain it clearly.
  3. “Digital signature versus ‘smart contracts’: the importance of legal validity”. What are smart contracts, and why does the digital signature offer the highest guarantee of legal validity?
  4. “5 keys to understanding eIDAS and how nebulaSUITE can help you with your compliance”Since its approval, eIDAS has been on everyone’s lips. Here we explain what this regulation supposes, what types of electronic signatures difference and the benefits of nebulaSUITE for its fulfilment.
  5. “The 5 most frequently asked questions about digital signature”. Are they safe? Can they be falsified? What kind of organisations uses them? In this post, we give some keys to know how to choose the most appropriate

See you in 2019

Of course, we did not want to forget to thank all those who have been part of our year and have collaborated with us, as well as our partners and clients.

We hope to start 2019 full of energy after the holidays and with an even more complete agenda if possible. Meanwhile, you can follow us on Twitter and LinkedIn.

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