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Autoridad de certificación para la emisión de Certificados Digitales VinCAsignCertification authority for issuing digital certificates

Qualified Digital Certificates for Your Organization

What are Digital Certificates?

Digital Certificates are documents issued by Certification Authorities such as vinCAsign. They allow citizens or companies to identify themselves to third parties, sign documents with electronic signature and carry out secure telematics procedures complying with European regulations such as eIDAS and providing the highest levels of security with full legal guarantees.

vinCAsign boosts your business
and streamlines your processes

Manage your
company’s documents

They allow organizations to save time and resources in managing documents that need validation by administrators, employees, or representatives, ensuring full legal validity.

Streamline processes
with the Public Administrations

They help citizens to streamline, manage and simplify processes, which are often long and complicated, and require approval from Public Administrations, among others, offering a simple and fast service.

vinCAsign provides you with:

  • Digital Certificates with Legal Compliance for your Transactions.
  • Digital Identities for Users and Electronic Devices for a Higher Degree of Security.

Types of Certificates

vinCAsign issues different types of certificates with the maximum legal compliance, covering various needs and guaranteeing agility and security for your processes.

Natural Person Certificates

These types of certificates regulates the relationship between the owner and the Public Administrations, guaranteeing his identity.

Certificates for Companies

Issued to companies or organizations for the signing of any electronic document or stamp in an automated way on behalf of the organization.

Certificates for Public Administration

They validate the legal identity and signature of the holder, authorizing electronic access to public services.

Component certificates

They confirm the identity of the subscriber, company, or entity.

Registration Authority (RA):
What benefits does becoming an RA bring to your business?

Consolidated Trust through Qualified Digital Certificates

Create your own certificates and qualified digital seals, with the highest degree of security and legal recognition through the PKI platform and Víntegris Certification Authority (CA), vinCAsign, developed in accordance with the eIDAS Regulation.

Reduced Costs with Your Own Digital Certificates

By issuing their certificates and managing them through nebulaCERT, organizations can significantly reduce costs. Also, for convenience, the management process of the different certificates is automated.

Faster Sales with Your Own Registration Authority

With vinCAsign, organizations become Registration Authorities (RA) to issue, control, manage and revoke the different types of certificates for their employees, suppliers,, and customers. This allows them to sell their products online with all legal guarantees and close sales faster than before with complete autonomy.

vinCAsign - Certifications

vinCAsign Certification Authority is regulated by various certifications that guarantee its safety and legal compliance in the management of all types of certificates:

Do you have any question about your certificates, and you need more information?

On the website you can:
  • Request, renew or revoke all types of certificates.
  • Request information and solve doubts about different types of certificates
  • Send us a claim.