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Much More Than
Digital Signatures


Optimize your
remote transactions

Qualified Digital Certificates
with Identification through Videoconference
compliant with eIDAS, BaFin and SEPBLAC


The ALL-IN-ONE Digital Identity Solution for Organizations

Give Legally-Compliant Digital Identities To Your Customers, Employees, and Providers

Allow them to do business with you from everywhere

Have Absolute Control over Your Digital Certificate Ecosystem and Avoid Economic Losses

Avoid identity theft, fraudulent use and unexpected certificate expiration

Discover, Audit and Monitor all your Personal and Service Digital Certificates

Get your certificates in a row and save time over manual Monitoring

Centralize Administrative Telematic Notifications

Manage your notifications and comply with deadlines
Available only in Spain

Get Simple, Easy and Legally-Compliant Digital Signatures for Your Organization

Speed up your sales cycles and increase the number of transactions

Get Protection with Multi-factor Dynamic Authentication Technology

Choose the most suitable method for each user, depending on the data risk involved and your corporation’s budget

Qualified Digital Certificates for Your Organization

Issue your own qualified digital certificates for your organization through our Certificate Authority (CA).

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Your Digital Certificate Ecosystem, Under Control

Guarantee the identity of the users and electronic devices that interact in your system, the use they make of your digital certificates and the availability of operations.

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SaaS Inventory Platform for Detecting and Monitoring Digital Certificates

Discover, audit and monitor all your personal and service digital certificates, and generate exhaustive inventories of your digital certificates.

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Centralized Management System for Administrative Telematic Notifications

Centralize administrative telematic notifications for all companies and users in an organization. Monitor and recover notifications, and notify the assigned users about them.

Available only in Spain.

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Legally Binding Digital Signatures (eIDAS-Compliant)

Speed up for signing processes and comply with eIDAS Regulation, while guaranteeing the security of your document signing and approval operations by your users through encryption.

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Adaptive Multi-Factor Dynamic Authentication (Adaptive MFA)

Guarantee the identity of all your users by two-factor authentication technology, without hindering access for authorized users.

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For us, Víntegris' solution holds several benefits: it allows our company to manage not only digital certificates with a guarantee of privacy, but also the lifecycle of digitized legal documents- which means having control over electronic signature workflows. The way we now handle documents has radically changed and improved.

Mikel Elorza PeñaHead of Projects and Services at Eroski

Víntegris has the perfect solution regarding digital identity protection and management for users who share the same desktop. They stand out for their know-how and their commitment, and we value both aspects equally.

Pere FiguerasITCS at Bodegas Torres

nebulaCERT allows us to manage our certificates in a simple, efficient and centralized way. Security in the use of our employees' digital identities is important to us, and, therefore, we place great value on using a certified and approved platform that complies with all legal requirements.

Jose Antonio Gutiérrez GonzálezInformation Security Manager at Grupo DIA

Some of Our Clients

If you can shop on the dark web, you can encrypt your order. PGP provides protection for both sides, discouraging middleman attacks and keeping busy people at bay. The following guide explains how to install PGP and then use it to place an encrypted order on the darknet. PGP encryption is used by the darknet markets versus market and asap market. Dont let the name fool you: Pretty good privacy (PGP) is better than good - thats great. The encryption standard, developed by Phil Zimmerman in 1991, is widely used today for signing, encrypting and decrypting emails, text documents, and other files. If you are familiar with the use of bitcoins, you will find that public and private key pairs are an integral part of PGP. With bitcoin, your public key is represented as your wallet address, and your private key is the part that you protect with your life as it is used to access your wallet. With PGP, your private key is used to verify your identity every time you sign a message, and therefore must be equally protected. For the purposes of this tutorial, we are going to use the GPG Suite designed for Mac. Instead, Windows users can install Gnu PG or similar open source software. If youre wondering what is the difference between PGP and GPG, by the way, the latter stands for Gnu Privacy Guard and is simply a more recent version of PGP. However, they are essentially the same.